We currently offer a range of Belbin related workshops which can be delivered throughout Scotland or online via Teams, Zoom or similar online platforms. Our workshops provide everything you should need to use Belbin at an individual, team or organisational level. We can also develop bespoke workshops or training sessions from 2 hours to 2 days in duration to suit your own specific needs.

Some of the Belbin Team Role workshops we offer can be found below.

White Cube Consulting also offer a wide range of training workshops to support leadership, management, supervisory and personal skills development. Click here for more information.

Belbin Accreditation – Currently provided through Belbin Associates – Click here for more information. 

Online Belbin Accreditation – Currently provided through Belbin Associates – Click here for more information.

Introduction to Belbin Team Roles Workshop

Duration – 2 hours

Belbin Team Building Workshop

Duration – Half Day

Belbin Team Roles – Recruitment and Selection Workshop

Duration – Half Day (Restricted Content) or Full Day

Managing Conflict in a Team with Belbin Team Roles

Duration – Half Day (Restricted Content) or Full Day

Improving your CV and Interview Skills with a Belbin Team Roles Report

Public workshop, delivered online only.

Contact us or email to find out the next date.

Duration – 2.5 hours

Contact us or email for further information or to discuss workshop costs.


Belbin Team Roles can be used to select and develop effective teams, enabling them to achieve a higher level of performance.

By getting the right mix and balance of behaviours, teams have a greater chance of achieving their goals and exceeding targets.

Belbin Reports

A range of Belbin Reports are available. They can be used to assess the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of an individual or team, understand the behavioural differences in a working relationship or assess candidates behaviours against the those required for a role. 

Quickly and cost effectively.

Buy Reports

Up to 10 report licences for each Belbin report can be bought online by credit or debit card. Find out more.