Job Comparison Report

The Belbin Job Comparison Report accurately compares the behavioural requirements of a role with the attributes that an internal or external candidate possesses and helps to assess their suitability for the role.

While a candidate may look like a good fit for the role based on their qualifications, skills and experience, behavioural fit should also play a key part in the selection process.

Many organisations place greater emphasis on a candidates qualifications, experience and technical skills when undertaking a recruitment and selection process. In Belbin terms, this is referred to a eligibility – basically someone’s “on paper” fit to the role.

A Job Comparison Report helps to assess a candidates suitability for the role – their behavioural styles, characteristics and how these relate to the requirements of the role.

The Belbin Job Report allows the Hiring Manager or Recruiter to define a job in terms behavioural requirements. The Belbin Job Comparison Report provides an accurate comparison between the job profile and a candidate’s profile.

This report can help you;

Belbin Job Comparison Reports should be used to support the overall decision making process and should never be used as the sole reason for eliminating a candidate from the selection process.

The cost of this report is £15.00 plus VAT

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