Team Report

A Belbin Team Report provides an overview of how individuals work together in a team. It provides an insight to the different roles each person should play in the team to be most effective and highlights potential gaps or overlaps across the different Team Role behaviours.

While there is benefit in understanding our own Belbin Team Role strengths and weaknesses, greater benefit can be gained when team members also understand the Team Role profiles of everyone else in the team. Through an understanding of the behavioural attributes of each team member, it becomes much easier to play to strengths and manage weaknesses within the team and achieve greater team performance.

A Belbin Team Report can be produced when each individual team member has generated their own Belbin Self Perception Report, which can be enhanced by gathering observer feedback from other team members.

The Belbin Team Report can’t take into account areas such as the vision / mission / purpose of the team, goals or objectives, organisational structure etc., but does provide a very practical insight into the behavioural profile of the team.

This report can help you;

The cost of this report is £75.00 plus VAT

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