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Licensed distributors of Belbin Team Role Reports and Products for Scotland.

Belbin Team Role Reports can help individuals to gain a better understanding of their behavioural strengths and weaknesses in a team. They can be used in an organisation to improve areas such as recruitment and selection, working relationships, team selection and  development, people management, delegation and communication.

To find out more, watch our short Belbin Team Roles explainer video.

Belbin Scotland can provide support to organisations across the whole of Scotland, including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Dundee.


Belbin Team Roles can be used to select and develop effective teams, enabling them to achieve a higher level of performance.

By getting the right mix and balance of behaviours, teams have a greater chance of achieving their goals and exceeding targets.

Belbin Reports

A range of Belbin Reports are available. They can be used to assess the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of an individual or team, understand the behavioural differences in a working relationship or assess candidates behaviours against the those required for a role. 

Quickly and cost effectively.


We currently offer a range of Belbin Team Role workshops which can be delivered throughout Scotland (subject to Corona Virus restrictions) or online via Teams, Zoom or similar online platforms.