Need higher-performing teams?

Wherever teams exist within organisations, Belbin can be used to bring the right people together so that the team is as high performing as possible, and is more likely to achieve its goals

Belbin Team Role theory has been used for decades to help individuals, teams and organisations to perform more effectively.

Over 3 million Belbin Team Roles Reports have now been generated worldwide.

Belbin Team Role theory was developed as a result of research undertaken by Dr Meredith Belbin at Henley Management College to understand why certain teams performed better than others. Research helped to identify that that teams tended to be more successful when they were made up of a diverse and more balanced mix of behaviours.

Extensive research helped Dr Belbin identify nine distinct clusters of behaviours that were displayed in a team and these became known as Belbin Team Roles. Teams that had all nine Team Role behaviours represented across team members typically performed more effectively.

Each Belbin Team Role has a combination of strengths and weaknesses associated with it, and no team role is more important than the other. They all have a part to play in a successful team.

An individual’s team role profile can change over time due to a variety of factors including a change in role or responsibilities, motivation level, working environment or organisational culture.

For a team to achieve a high level of performance, it may need all nine team roles represented, but not necessarily at the same time. Depending on the tasks or objectives being delivered, a certain team role or combination of team roles can enhance performance and delivery when utilised effectively and at the appropriate time.

By understanding and applying Belbin Team Role theory effectively, the performance of individuals, teams and organisations can be improved.

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