9 Team Roles

Watch our explainer video for a quick overview of the nine Belbin Team Roles.

Resource Investigator

Strengths: Great at networking and bringing back ideas and opportunities for the team.  Outgoing, communicative and enthusiastic. Adept at exploring new opportunities and developing contacts.

Potential weaknesses: Can be over-optimistic and may lose interest following an initial wave of enthusiasm.  They might forget to follow up on a task or activity.


Strengths: Co-operative, collaborative and diplomatic. Good listeners that often put other people first. They bring harmony, help and support to a team.

Potential weaknesses: May avoid confrontation or become indecisive, particularly when facing a difficult, challenging or unpopular decision that may cause conflict.


Strengths: Have an eye on the big picture and are adept and clarifying and working towards goals. They have a mature outlook and are good at identify and nurturing talent. 

Potential weaknesses: Can offload their own tasks or responsibilities to the team by over-delegating at times and may be seen as manipulative when guiding a team towards a goal.  Tends to rely on collaborative, team based delivery.


Strengths: Creative, imaginative with a natural ability for problem solving. Good at developing new ideas that can be innovative or unorthodox.

Potential weaknesses: May become forgetful or get caught up in their own ideas and lose sight of day to day practicalities. A preoccupation with their ideas means they may not always communicate their thoughts as effectively as they could do.

Monitor Evaluator

Strengths: Rational, logical and strategic thinkers. Good at weighing up different options and making sound, fact based decisions. Like to identify problems.

Potential weaknesses: Can be seen as pessimistic or lacking inspiration. May require more time to properly think things through before they reach a final decision.


Strengths: Brings depth of subject matter knowledge to the team.  Dedicated professionals, they add value to the team through their specialist knowledge, know-how and skills.

Potential weaknesses: May only contribute to the team in relation to their specialist subject matter. Can get caught up in technicalities and go into information overload mode, and may not always see bigger picture.


Strengths: Direct, outspoken and self-confident.  They drive the team towards their goals with a strong task focus. They thrive under pressure and are not afraid to take difficult decisions that achieve results.

Potential weaknesses: May lack sensitivity or empathy at times, so may upset people with their direct approach. Can become so task focused they may forget about the importance of maintaining team morale and motivation.


Strengths:  Very practical in their approach to work. They turn ideas into workable solutions and processes. Efficient when undertaking repeatable tasks or activities or which follow a defined process. They get things done that need to be done.

Potential weaknesses: Can be slower to adapt to new ways of working or change, especially when it is rapid or unexpected. Their preference for the tried and tested means they can be a bit more resistant or may even become a barrier to change if they are not fully bought in.

Completer Finisher

Strengths: Conscientious, detail oriented individuals who strive for perfection. Focused on delivering high quality outputs, eliminating errors and mistakes.

Potential weaknesses: Their pursuit of perfection can result in an underlying level of anxiety as they worry if they can’t meet their own exacting standards all the time. Can be reluctant to delegate as they feel nobody in the team may do the task in hand to the same standard they deliver to.


Belbin Team Roles can be used to select and develop effective teams, enabling them to achieve a higher level of performance.

By getting the right mix and balance of behaviours, teams have a greater chance of achieving their goals and exceeding targets.

Belbin Reports

A range of Belbin Reports are available. They can be used to assess the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of an individual or team, understand the behavioural differences in a working relationship or assess candidates behaviours against the those required for a role. 

Quickly and cost effectively.


We currently offer a range of Belbin Team Role workshops which can be delivered throughout Scotland (subject to Corona Virus restrictions) or online via Teams, Zoom or similar online platforms.