Job Report

The Belbin Job Report allows you to accurately define the Team Roles that a position requires.

This report is created when a manager or recruiter completes a Job Requirements Inventory; a short questionnaire designed to identify the most important behavioural aspects of a job.

When recruiting, organisations tend to place greater emphasis on the qualifications or skills required for the role, rather than the behavioural attributes that might prove successful in the role. If behaviours are considered as part of the selection process, they can often be more generic statements rather than a genuinely accurate reflection of what the role requires; phrases like “team player” or “good communication skills” are common place.

A Belbin Job Report provides an accurate behavioural assessment which can be used to improve and enhance the selection process. Candidates behavioural profiles can then be assessed more accurately against the defined behaviours the role requires.

A Job Report is produced when the Hiring Manager or Recruiter completes a Job Requirements Inventory, which is a short online questionnaire. This takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides the opportunity to define the attributes which are most or least important for each particular role.

For a more rounded perspective, a Job Observation questionnaire can also be completed by other personnel who understand the role. This can even be an incumbent job holder, who may know the role better than anyone else. The Job Observation questionnaire consists of two lists of adjectives and observers indicate which of these may be more helpful or unhelpful to achieve success in the role.

This report can help you;

Belbin Job Reports should be used to support the overall decision making process and should never be used as the sole reason for eliminating a candidate from the selection process.

The cost of these reports are £33.00 plus VAT

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